America comes to AM/FM Radio to discover new music

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Nielsen recently released its “360 Report Highlights” and it identified AM/FM Radio as America’s #1 source for new Music Discovery.

 “The top source for music discovery is AM/FM “Over-the-Air” radio, with 49% of listeners saying this is where they turn for new music. That’s followed by 40% who discover music through “Friends/Relatives,” 27% through “Online Music Services” and 25% who find music through “Social Media,” the 360 Report discovered. Additional radio listening avenues such as online listening to AM/FM radio accounts for 23%, and 14% say they discover music by listening to satellite radio.

“Radio continues to be the primary way listeners discover music,” the report states. New technologies and devices actually enhance radio listening and provide new avenues for radio to deliver content, “most notably via streaming.”

Inside Radio

October 4th, 2017