Baton Rouge Cryptocurrency Business Donates $100,000 to Local High School Sports Program Impacted by Hurricane Ida


BATON ROUGE, LA – As coastal parishes in south Louisiana continue to recover from the devastation left in Hurricane Ida’s wake earlier this month, communities and businesses around the state continue to lending helping hands where they are able. Among these businesses is Game Coin, a Baton-Rouge-based cryptocurrency that recently announced a $100,000 donation to South Lafourche High School’s athletic program.

The donation was announced during a live radio interview on After Further Review with Matt Moscona. Moscona invited SLHS Athletic Director, Brian Callais, onto the show via phone call to promote an upcoming fundraising event hosted by Central High School.

During the phone interview, Callais informed listeners of the impact that Ida had on their school. The storm caused major damages to the high school which will require substantial funds to repair. Additionally, the school’s sports teams will be forced to travel for every game this season as their facilities are not fit to host other schools.

To Callais’ surprise, Game Coin founder, David Mahler, was with Moscona in the radio studio to deliver the good news of a significant donation to the school to the tune of $100,000.

“This will go a long way,” said Callais after learning of Game Coin’s donation to his program. “Our [senior] student-athletes have not had a normal high school year since their freshman year…Their sophomore year, they were hit with the pandemic, and we’re looking forward to a regular senior year for them. It’s been tough on these kids, and this will definitely help us.”

Game Coin was made available in July of 2021 and is the first sports-centric digital currency with a philanthropic purpose. Each purchase of Game Coin includes a 10% transaction fee which is divided amongst various efforts by the cryptocurrency’s team. 4% of this transaction fee is dedicated to charitable efforts that seek out youth sports organizations in need of financial support in order to give young athletes an equal opportunity to enjoy and succeed in sports.

“Growing up, I didn’t have everything that I thought I should have,” said Mahler on Moscona’s radio program. “I just always wanted to be able to provide for people…and since I’m able to do that now, I added that as a part of Game Coin.”

During the interview, Mahler also announced that there will be three more donations of a similar nature that are already arranged and will be announced within the next two weeks.

Game Coin is currently available for purchase by the public, and each purchase will help to continue charitable efforts by the cryptocurrency business. To learn more about how to purchase Game Coin, visit