Baton Rouge-Size Radio Markets Are Alive and Kicking!


In Nielsen’s 2015 Q2 Audio Today Report, According to a special edition of the Audio Today Report series focused on small and medium markets, 65 million Americans (12+) are using radio every week in America’s small and medium cities. That’s over a quarter of all listeners nationwide reached in those markets!

While big cities grab most of the headlines, a big and qualified audience uses radio every day in medium and small markets. This special edition of the Audio Today report series focuses on the radio audience in 215 Nielsen Diary markets. There, more than 86% of consumers (age 12 or older) tune in during the week spending more than 15 hours of their media time with radio, the original mass medium. That means, 65 million consumers listen to medium and small market radio each week.

But who are these listeners? Good news for brands, qualified consumers make up the majority of the medium and small market radio audience. Working listeners account for three-quarters of all radio users, tuning in away from home and close to the point of purchase.