Clients Prefer Radio over Digital Media According to Research

Clients Lean Toward Traditional Media Over Digital

While agencies may be pushing their clients to advertise on digital, mobile and social channels, it appears their clients are more likely to prefer traditional media buys such as radio and TV.

A 2016 outlook survey from Cincinnati-based marketing consultancy RSW/US says that 34% of brands say they will increase spending on traditional media in 2016, as opposed to 19% of agency respondents that “expect that to happen.”

RSW/US president Mark Sneider points out that agencies “may be underestimating traditional media, while clients feel there’s not been enough seamless integration as [agencies] chased the shiny objects. It might suggest to agencies that traditional media is still important, and they shouldn’t get so wrapped up in chasing that next technology.”

In an Adweek story, Chris Macdonald, president of McCann Erickson, NY, adds, “I think questions about where marketers are spending can be misleading—clients are put in buckets where the buckets don’t exist. A lot of the clients we talk to want a ‘digital first’ strategy, but traditional media is never going to die. It’s about how to optimize channels and optimize spending in those channels.”

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