Country remains America’s #1 listened to format


All Access recently blogged about the findings of a Nielsen Audio research project that was released in preparation of the 50th Annual CMA Awards in November. Some of the findings include:

According to NIELSEN, there were 4,002 total stations serving Country in 2015, up sharply from the 2,874 total in 2008. The total share of listening for Country in ’15 was 14.4%, making it the top radio format in the U.S. Median household income for a Country music attendee clocked in at $65,000, about 26% more than the average U.S. adult. Oh, and the average age of a Country concert attendee? 44.5 years old, says NIELSEN.

Also, NIELSEN came up with something they call an “N-Score,” which calculates the endorsement and marketing potential of actors, athletes, musicians, and celebrities. CARRIE UNDERWOOD scores a 90 – highest among her Country music peers and comfortably inside the top 50 overall, along with FRANK SINATRA, MATT DAMON and MICHAEL JORDAN. If you know who KEITH URBAN is and consider him successful, you’re not alone, as 71% of people feel that way. Two more quick factoids about Country fans: they love pets and sports, with 74% buying pet food annually ($226 annually, on average), with 70% saying sports are important to them.

For the full report:

All Access

October 27h, 2016