Do you know your cell phone has FM Radio?


A majority of the cell phones today have an FM chip that would enable you listen to FM Radio over your cellular phone without using valuable data from your monthly plan with your cellular carrier. However, some cellular providers choose not to activate the FM chip due to a fear of lost revenue from less data being used because listening to radio stations from streaming apps would no longer be necessary.

The good news is times are changing!

The vast majority of smartphones now have FM capabilities built in. That’s according to Pilot, the technology initiative of the National Association of Broadcasters (formerly NAB Labs). It points to Strategy Analytics/ABI Research data showing that of the more than 120 million smartphones in use in the United States, only a “small exception” do not yet have integrated FM chipsets.

One big reason? The connectivity chip allowing handset users to potentially access FM does a lot more than just pick up broadcast radio signals. It also enables a phone to use WiFi and Bluetooth.

Pilot’s analysis shows 11.2 million smartphones with FM radio activated were sold in the fourth quarter of 2015. And for all of last year, 42.1 million were sold, a 50% increase from the 28 million FM-enabled smartphones sold in 2014.

Inside Radio

June 8th, 2016

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