Guaranty Media named as one of the Best 50 Companies to Work in Baton Rouge

The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report held their 2020 Louisiana Business Symposium on Tuesday, September 15th and announced Guaranty Media as one of the 50 companies as “Best Places to Work in the Capital Region”.

“We are thrilled to be a part of this distinguished list,” commented Gordy Rush VP/GM of Guaranty Media. “This is a testament to the culture that Flynn Foster and the entire Foster family have created on Government street.”

“We have a license from the FCC to serve our community,” commented President Flynn Foster. “We believe it to be both a privilege and a responsibility to give back to our community. Not only do we use the reach provided by our radio stations to spread the word about community events, causes and fundraisers, but we are proud of our staff members who volunteer so much of their personal time to some of these wonderful organizations.”

For more information about Guaranty Media, contact VP/GM Gordy Rush at