Help 100.7 the Tiger’s James Gilmore in his fight against Kidney Cancer!

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James Gilmore can be heard weekdays on 100.7 The Tiger from 10a-1p. He is a father of two, Madison, a recent high school graduate, and Ruston, a member of the Air Force stationed in Alaska.

On March 15, 2016 James was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer. Until just a few years ago there was no real treatment for this kind of cancer, but big strides have been made with drugs. There is no Chemo, no radiation, these are pills designed to attack and basically “starve” the cancer cells by cutting off the proteins that they feed on. The hope is to stop the growth and be one of the 30% who also see a shrinkage. Because the tumor is in some “valuable” area in his vascular system, we want it to be as small as possible when they remove the kidney and only give up a small area to save the whole.