Clients love Radio’s stability in a world of media instability.

Natalie Swed Stone, a media director at the worldwide agency OMD, recently sat down with Inside Radio to give her thoughts on why more and more clients are trusting their advertising dollars to audio and specifically radio due to its outstanding reach.

 “Radio is emerging as some of the other media channels are receding, or not performing as well as they had in the past,” Natalie Swed Stone, U.S. director, national audio investment at agency OMD, tells Inside Radio. For instance, a recent report from MoffettNathanson shows Nielsen ratings for broadcast and cable TV continued to slide in November, with broadcast networks tumbling 16% year-over-year in prime time and 17% in total day, among persons 18-49, while cable declined 11%. And concerns around brand safety, transparency and ad fraud have a growing number of advertisers rethinking their digital ad strategy. “The change in television and video is so much more dramatic than the change occurring in audio,” Swed Stone says. “The stability of audio is providing a measure of confidence to clients.”

“The reach message is resonating very powerfully,” Swed Stone continues. “It is driving much of the audio strategy. Reach is now a valuable commodity and radio is now in a position to be the primary driver. As TV and digital fragment, audio’s position escalates.”

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 Inside Radio

January 18th, 2018