Matt Moscona makes 4th appearance on Radio Ink’s top Sports Talkers in America List

Radio Ink Matt Moscona

Radio Ink Magazine has listed the top Sports Talkers in America for six years now and Matt Moscona of Guaranty Media has made the list in Baton Rouge. Matt Moscona hosts “After Further Review” on 104.5 ESPN Baton Rouge and 100.3 ESPN New Orleans weekdays from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. The show is also televised live throughout the southeast on Cox Sports Television.

 Radio Ink discussed their mission:

 We started recognizing the great local sports talent across the country six years ago. And one of the things we clearly recognized — something you don’t see in many music formats — is that this format has a farm system. There are still smaller-market stations where hosts get a chance to learn the skills they need, whether it’s doing playby- play sports for the local high school or hosting a local show. This is one format not dominated by national hosts, so we set out to recognize the great local talent in markets large and small. 

We start our process of searching for the Best Local Sports Talkers in America by taking nominations online months before the issue goes to print. Companies, co-workers, peers, and even listeners can nominate their favorite host or team (no syndicated shows!). Then we talk to program directors. We interview market managers, experts in the Sports Talk format, and radio executives in specific markets. And, of course, we consider ratings, revenue the host or team has driven to the station, and how much commitment they have to the local community and charities.

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You can contact Matt Moscona via email as well.