2022 Former LSU Strength Coach Launches The Moffitt Method, a Remote Training Program for Student Athletes


Baton Rouge, La. — Today, Tommy Moffitt and Matt Bruce announced the launch of The Moffitt Method, a remote physical training program for young athletes. Moffitt, a former LSU strength coach, and Bruce, co-founder of Brute Strength, designed The Moffitt Method to provide schools, healthcare clinics, and individuals with a comprehensive training program at a reasonable cost.

The program is intended to provide a more affordable solution to institutions that may lack the resources for dedicated training coaches on their campuses. An advantage of The Moffitt Method is that it can be customized according to the unique training needs of each athlete. As part of the program, Moffitt Method strength coaches and sports team coaches engage in weekly discussions to determine training plans and adjustments for the coming week.

“The Moffitt Method will work with teams and individuals to provide remote speed, strength, and conditioning services, delivering smarter training programs that enable athletes to excel,” says Moffitt. “As a remote strength coach for teams and individuals, we deliver custom programming for each sport through an accessible app and online platform available to all athletes and coaches. We look at each individual sport and school to customize a program uniquely catered to their needs.

” Tommy Moffitt attributes his championship-winning track record to a lifetime of experience and working one-on-one with players. With The Moffitt Method, his knowledge and unique training regimens are now at the fingertips of any athlete hoping to achieve their ultimate goals. Visit for more information about this program and how it can be used to help student-athletes reach their potential.

The Moffitt Method

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