News/Talk Radio is “Red Hot” during this Presidential Election Season


Nielsen Audio provided some research from the month of February showing a sharp increase in the listening of News/Talk Radio Stations during the month of February 2016 due to the “spirited” coverage of the Presidential Election.

With heated debates among Republicans and Democrats, as well as the lead up to the first “Super Tuesday” of the presidential election primary season, politics was a hot topic of conversation in February—across the country and on the radio.

And once again, the release of Nielsen’s February portable people meter (PPM) ratings for the U.S. reveals that election-mania has pushed News/Talk to new highs. This format is nearly in double-digit listener share territory— a level it hasn’t been since the last Presidential election in 2012. News/Talk is up two-10ths from January to February (9.7% to 9.9%) among all listeners (aged 6 and older). Listenership for adults 25-54 also climbed two-10ths to a 6.9% share in February while listener share for adults 18-34 remain flat at 4.1%. With more than seven months to go before the election, News/Talk radio should remain a political powerhouse on the radio dial.


News/Talk          Feb-13  Feb-14  Feb-15  Feb-16

Persons 6+          9.8%      9.1%      9.2%      9.9%

Persons 18-34    4.0%      3.4%      3.8%      4.1%

Persons 25-54    7.4%      6.3%      6.4%      6.9%

Source: Nielsen

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