Nielsen finds a 30% spike in ratings this fall for Sports Radio with Millennials.


There has been some question whether or not the millennial generation has an appetite for professional sports. According to the latest Nielsen research in November, they certainly do have an appetite!

The fall is primetime for sports radio, as football season returns to much fanfare and major league baseball shifts into playoff season. Nielsen’s November survey shows the ratings impact in graphic detail with the audience share for sports stations in PPM markets up a dramatic 30% since the June 2017 book.

The November survey is actually more October than November, covering the period from Oct. 12 to Nov. 8. That includes both the National and American League Championship baseball series and the World Series, which went to a deciding game seven for the second year in a row. “These contests had a notable impact on sports radio listening, especially since the teams hailed from major markets,” Nielsen VP of Audience Insights Jon Miller writes in a new Nielsen Wire post. “In each of the past two years, major market teams have played in the World Series, and fan attention has been enormous.”

Inside Radio

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

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