Radio continues to have huge impact in Baton Rouge size cities.


In a new report, “State of the Media: Audio Today — A Focus on Medium and Small Markets,” NIELSEN turns it’s sights away from the major and large markets, and notes, “Radio has a large impact in medium & small markets reaching qualified consumers, everywhere.”

NIELSEN notes, “Radio’s national scale reaches listeners in every corner of AMERICA, across more than 250 local markets large, medium and small. While the bigger cities grab most of the headlines, a big and qualified audience uses radio every day in medium and small markets. This special edition of the Audio Today report series focuses on the radio audience in 215 NIELSEN Diary markets. There, more than 86% of consumers (age 12 or older) tune in during the week spending more than 15 hours of their media time with radio, the original mass medium.”

The report finds an average of 86.4% of Americans in medium and small markets are listening to local broadcast radio at least once per week.

All Access Media Group, August 20th, 2015