How Radio Helps Online Search

radio and digital marketing

Radio advertising has been out there for a long time. Rightly so, as it’s highly effective! But how does radio advertising play a role in your digital marketing strategy? Believe it or not, it can. Radio advertising is one of the largest drivers of online searches. The right marketing strategies vary based on your company’s needs, but should still be a thoughtful blend of digital marketing and traditional techniques. 

Start With Radio Advertising—It’s Still Gold! 

Not sure if your audience is listening to the radio? Radio broadcasting continues to have the greatest reach in advertising, with 92% of consumers regularly listening. Radio advertising is a personal way to reach your target audience, and provides them specific directions to shop your brand. In addition to boosting searches, ads can direct consumers straight to your website. When done right, creative radio advertisements will resonate with your audience, raise brand awareness, and put your brand at top of mind. 

It’s More Than A Catchy Jingle

Catchy radio ads are really important to help your potential customers remember your brand. When a potential buyer wants to search for a product that you offer, you want your brand to be the first that pops into their head. Studies show that an online search is usually the first step they take to fulfill their needs. This means that they are more likely to search for your products by using your actual brand name! 

Essential Digital Marketing for Baton Rouge

Of course, an online search won’t help much if your website doesn’t appear on the front page of Google. Just like the inventory at your store, your website needs organization and labeling so buyers can find what they need. Luckily, our partners at Gatorworks are experts at optimizing your search effectiveness. Your website needs to be easy for search engines to find to show potential buyers when they search. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the first step. 

However, building your website’s search engine rankings can take time. So while we work on building your SEO, you can increase your chances of appearing during your buyer’s search with Google ads

It Doesn’t Stop With A Search

What happens after someone searches for your website? Many consumers will not purchase at the first visit to your website. When you use a blend of marketing and advertising strategies, however, you can influence their decisions even more. With Targeted Display capabilities, we can serve ads to users who have already shown interest by visiting your site. In the same way, we can retarget your potential customers with Social Media Advertising. With social media ads, new consumers can engage with your brand to build that oh-so-valuable customer loyalty.

The Big Picture

Your potential buyer is going through a journey to find you, and the right mix of marketing methods will help them get there. 

  • Step 1: Radio advertising increases brand awareness among potential customers.
  • Step 2: A potential customer identifies a need for your products or services and performs a branded online search.
  • Step 3: The potential customer visits your website to gather information and start shopping.
  • Step 4: After the potential customer leaves your website, they are served retargeted ads on social media and across the internet. These ads lead them back to your website, resulting in a purchase!

Your Business Can Reach Its Full Potential

Radio advertising is a great way to kickstart the buyer’s journey while leading them directly to your brand. Guaranty Media’s radio advertising partnered with Gatorworks’ digital marketing can get your business growing. Questions? Ideas? Contact us or call one of our sales reps at (225) 388-9898. We can’t wait to help you unlock your on-air—and online—potential!