Radio remains “King of Reach” in 2015!


Inside Radio recently rolled out the findings of yet another report card from Nielsen Research:

Radio just got another rosy report card from Nielsen in two key performance indicators: reach and time spent listening. Just as it’s been since first-quarter 2015, radio remained the top reach medium among persons 18+, eclipsing TV for a fourth consecutive quarter. Radio came in second in time-spent among nine measured media in Nielsen’s new Total Audience Report.

With 234.7 million adult users per month, radio was No. 1 in reach in the report, which is based on data from fourth-quarter 2015. AM/FM topped live+DVR/time-shifted TV (223.8 million), Internet on a PC (172.8 million), app/Web on a smartphone (163.5 million), DVR/time-shifted TV (142.3 million), video on a PC (129.6 million), DVD/Blu-ray device (107.1 million), game console (62.3 million) and multimedia device (32.5 million)

Inside Radio

Friday, March 25th