Radio still stands strong in the Digital Age!


Radio commands a robust two hours of listening daily according to Nielsen in an article appearing in the Ad Exchanger.

Print is dying. TV is changing. But in the face of digital competition, advertising spend on good old AM/FM radio remains strong.

As the no. 1 reach medium in the US, radio reaches 93% of the population, according to Nielsen. Adults average 16 minutes with Pandora and 7 minutes with Spotify daily, compared with 2 hours on broadcast radio, according to Edison Research’s Share of Ear, a quarterly study of consumer audio habits.

For advertisers, radio is a $17 billion market that reaches consumers en masse, on the go, with local and timely offers. Given that 86% of Americans drive to work and broadcast radio accounts for 70% of in-car listenership, radio still holds the deepest penetration of the audio market, Edison reported. Digital audio streaming, by contrast, is a $1 billion market, with more than half of listening done at home.

“Of all of the listening that’s done in the car, radio really owns that space,” said Diana Anderson, SVP of network audio activation at Carat. “We spend about 85% on terrestrial AM/FM radio and 15% at the high end on digital audio.”

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Ad Exchanger

January 6th, 2017