Reach is a business’ most powerful sales driver

In a recent Nielsen study of advertising campaigns, it was found that reach was more than 2.5 times of a “sales driver” than targeting. Radio which is the king of reach contacting over 93% of the people in the United States is obviously the most powerful media.

Each quarter, Nielsen reports that AM/FM radio reaches more consumers than any other platform including TV, social media, and mobile platforms.

This is a point of pride for AM/FM radio. But as impressive as it sounds, it doesn’t explain the benefit of mass reach for retailers and advertisers. What does this mean for them? As it turns out, a lot.

Erwin Ephron, the father of modern media planning, explains:

“Most advertising usually works by reminding people about brands they know, when they happen to need that product. Ads work best when the consumer is ready to buy. Reminding a lot of consumers is better than lecturing a few.”

Nielsen: Reach is the number one media factor that drives sales

A study of nearly 500 hundred cross-media campaigns by Nielsen evaluated media factors driving sales lift. Of the three media factors, reach represents 61% of sales growth. Reach is 2.5 times more powerful at driving sales lift versus targeting.

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