Research Projects Growth to Radio in 2016!

RAIN News published a report referencing a new study from MyersBizNet 2016 forecast in which they project an increase in “legacy” media like Radio. Here is an excerpt below:


A new edition of an annual research projection from MyersBizNet forecasts 7.7% growth in ad spend across audio/radio, video/TV, display, video, mobile, and other categories. It is the 29th Annual Advertising and Marketing Spending Forecast, and was sent to RAIN News by Jack Myers.

terrestrial radio

In a break-out of the forecast, the audio and radio categories show growth on both sides of the digital divide, but with much stronger progress in digital ad sales. The report identifies “Legacy Terrestrial Radio” as growing 2.6% this year in ad spend, to $14.6-billion. On the other side of the fence, digital ad spending on terrestrial brands is projected to grow 28%, to about two-billion dollars. A blended projection from those two figures arrives at 5% growth to $16.5-billion for terrestrial radio in 2016.


January 20th, 2016