Talk 107.3 partners with “Protect our Protectors” this Wednesday Night at Bin 77.



Join Talk 107.3 this Wednesday night starting at 4:00 with former Baton Rouge Chie of Police, Pat Englade, for an after hours event supporting “Protect our Protectors” at Bin 77 in the Perkins Rowe Shopping Center.

“Protect our Protectors” was founded after the horrendous attack on our officers on July 17, 2016. People were angry, sad, stunned, however, regardless of those emotions, the citizens of this great community remained consistent in one particular area during a time of crisis. They expressed their desire and their willingness to help.

In doing so, many reached out to someone they knew, grew up with, went to school with and ultimately trusted. They reached out to retired Baton Rouge Chief of Police and lifelong area resident, Pat Englade.


Those that reached out to Pat knew that he was familiar with the situation and would know whom to contact, if he didn’t already know, just what resources the Officers and the Baton Rouge Police Department needed. They also knew Pat as an organizer and doer. He could not sit still, knowing that the officers still serving on the department he once headed and still loved, were in need of equipment that was vital to their well-being and their mission.

Pat contacted two retired Baton Rouge Police Captains, Dwayne Fontenot and Ron Cowart, both of whom served under Pat’s tenure as Chief of Police. Dwayne, the current Treasurer for the FOP, was instrumental in setting up the account through the Lodge and PayPal. And Ron, who headed Computer Operations for BRPD under Pat’s tenure, created and setup the associated website and Facebook page.

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