Talk 107.3 provided live coverage of Baton Rouge shootings yesterday


Three of Guaranty Media’s four radio stations, Talk 107.3 FM, Eagle 98.1, and 100.7 the Tiger provided live coverage of the shootings in Baton Rouge yesterday. Bill Profita, Karen Profita, and Kevin Gallagher of AM Baton Rouge anchored the coverage on Talk 107.3 FM which was simulated on Eagle 98.1, with assistance from Dan Day, until the conclusion of Governor John Bel Edwards’ speech at 3:00 p.m. WTGE, 100.7 the Tiger’s coverage was anchored by James Gilmore and Brian King with live programming from television partner, WAFB-TV, mixed into the feed.


Guaranty Media was the only local radio group that originated live coverage from Baton Rouge and is Baton Rouge’s only locally owned radio group. For more information, contact Bill Profita at