Tickets are available for Jammin’ for James: A Benefit for James Gilmore


100.7 the Tiger’s James Gilmore was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer earlier this year. The Texas Club is hosting a benefit for James Gilmore Sunday, August 7. Doors open at 4pm, bands start at 5pm! Come see Todd O’Neil, Parish County Line, Chase Tyler, and The Gillis Silo with special guest David St. Romain all while supporting James in his fight against kidney cancer! Check out more on James’s story:

Day One of The Big Fight…

It has been a little over a month now that I was slapped in the face with the “C” word — Cancer. Many emotions, many thoughts, angry …sadness…regret.. And finally the resolve that this will not beat me. The worst struggle was due to other complications (that led to the actual cancer discovery) that kept me from beginning treatment. Even though I knew I had a form of Kidney Cancer I still wasn’t 100% sure which type I had. My doctor was pretty sure, but until I could have an actual biopsy nothing could be confirmed and thus until the actual diagnosis was official, no treatment could be started. Finally, last Thursday I underwent a biopsy where they inserted a long needle into my kidney and a small piece of the tumor that was engulfing my right kidney was removed. I was told it would take 3-4 days to get the results. Now the wait…. but I was lucky because late on Friday I got the call. If you’re going hope for a cancer in the kidneys, I got the one you wanted …”clear cell renal cell carcinoma”. Finally it was all official…I had it on paper. So what next? On Monday I met with my doctor to discuss what we were going to do…the game plan… The War had officially begun….

Until just a few years ago there was no real treatment for this kind of cancer, but big strides have been made with drugs. Yes pills, there is no Chemo…no radiation…these are pills designed to attack and basically “starve” the cancer cells by cutting off the proteins that they feed on. “Pazopanib” aka Votrient is going be my general. The hope is to stop the growth, and  also hopefully be one of the 30% who see a shrinkage in size of the tumor. This is because the tumor is in some “valuable” real estate in my vascular system. We want it as small as possible for when they go in to remove the kidney… we will give up a small area to save the whole…. so yesterday morning at 6am, I took my first pill… I await the lottery of side effects that I am sure to win with this gamble, but if the outcome is the one I want…I welcome them… Let the fight begin….



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